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Hi! I'm Ashley

I'm Ontario born, now living in Langford with my partner and our dog. I am a coffee drinkin', dog lovin', motorbike ridin' birth and postpartum doula. In my spare time I like going for hikes, salsa dancing, and riding my motorbike.

Why am I a doula?

I have always been passionate about helping women through pregnancy and birth. It is one of the most challenging and memorable experiences someone will have. I want to do my part in helping ensure it is also a positive experience.

It is important that women feel empowered to make their own decisions during labour and postpartum. Women deserve to have extra help while their body is going through a flood of changes and a rollercoaster of emotions.

My goal is to help you feel safe, heard, and supported during this journey.



My training

I am trained through DONA International and working towards my certification. My training includes:

  • Childbirth Preparation Class, July/August 2023

  • DONA International Postpartum Doula Workshop, March 2023

  • DONA International Birth Doula Workshop, November 2022

  • Foodsafe Certification

  • Bachelor in Science - University of Victoria

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